Commercial 20W 5000K LED Sensor Flood Light

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    The LFL-C Series combines energy saving LED flood lighting with customisable motion-sensing technology.
    Available in a variety of models, this series is equipped with a 12m passive infrared sensor with lux sensitivity, motion responsiveness and interval time adjustment.
    The durable metal IP65 rated weather resistant chassis make them well suited for security lighting in both commercial and domestic applications.

    ƒ?½ Sensor flood light models detect up to 12m in a 140¶ø arc
    ƒ?½ Adjust lux detection, motion sensitivity & on-time delay
    ƒ?½ Durable metal IP65 rated weather resistant chassis
    ƒ?½ Wide 120¶ø beam angle; diffuser minimises LED glare
    ƒ?½ Adjustable U-shape mount with over 340¶ø of motion
    ƒ?½ Available in 5000K cool white with 85lm/W light output

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    Weight 1.12 kg
    Dimensions 170 × 260 × 90 mm